What we offer

Our staff consists of therapists trained in marriage and family therapy and sex therapy. All are professionals who are either licensed by the state of Georgia, or working toward licensure.
Our primary focus in counseling is in providing marriage and sex therapy. We are passionate about helping marriages grow. We utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques from the marriage and family therapy field that have been shown to be beneficial to growing great marriages.

We work with couples:
  • seeking to grow great marriages
  • struggling with sexual issues in their marriage
  • struggling to keep their marriage alive
  • in crisis due to affairs, addiction, seperation, etc.
  • who have already divorced and want to explore reconciliation
Common sexual issues we work with include:
  • Low sexual desire or conflict over desire levels
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful sex
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Orgasming too quickly
  • Unconsumated marriages
  • Sexual addiction/compulsivity
  • Sexual abuse

We work to make time available that fits your schedule. We offer appointments Monday through Thursday beginning at 9:00 am with the last session ending at 8:00 pm. Friday sessions begin at 9:00 am and end at 3:00 pm and Saturday sessions begin at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. Sessions are scheduled on the hour and last about 45-50 minutes. Double sessions are availble for those traveling long distance or at therapist discretion. Specific availability varies by therapist. Call us to see what is currently open.


Counseling fees are typical for professionals in this area and are different for each counselor depending on their level of training, experience and specialization (call for details). Therapy interns are $40.00 per session, but can be flexible with their rates for those who cannot afford the standard rate.

  Our Therapists

  Directions to our Office

Our office is located in Suwanee, GA, just north of the Gwinnett Civic Center.

Physical address

1325 Satellite Blvd NW, Suite 1002, Suwanee, GA 30024

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We are in The Gates office complex just north of the corner of Satellite Blvd. and Old Peachtree Rd. just off interstate 85.
Once in The Gates, look for Building 1000. Turn right at the first crossing and we are the last building on the left. Our Suite (1002) is in the lower left of building 1000.

  About the workshop

The Passionate Intimacy Workshop is a unique marriage workshop. Focused on helping couples enrich their physical and emotional intimacy, couples will learn:

  • A greater understanding of the beauty of God's gift of sexuality
  • A sexual vocabulary that helps husbands and wives discuss sexual issues
  • God's design for resolving sexual desire conflicts in marriage
  • Creative heart honoring ways to initiate intimacy with their spouse
  • What's "normal" in sexual response and activity
  • How to determine what's sexually acceptable for Christian couples
  • The critical role of emotional and spiritual intimacy for healthy physical intimacy

As it is a "workshop", couples receive a workbook filled with information and exercises to do at home. Due to the nature of the subject, there are few assignments during the workshop itself.

The workshop typically begins at 5:00 on Friday evening with an introductory session before couples are sent off on a dinner date with an assignment. Couples are encouraged to spend the evening at a hotel away from the typical routine of home.

Saturday morning begins at 9:00 with three sessions before couples go to lunch with a working assignment. After lunch, there are three more shorter sessions before the workshop ends at 4:00 Saturday.

  Why attend the workshop

Your marriage needs it....

Virtually every couple could benefit from an opportunity to learn critical information that will help them enrich the sexual intimacy in their marriage. Even if you are quite pleased with the sexual intimacy in your marriage, learning about the latest findings and grounding the teaching in Biblical principles is valuable learning for your marriage. Additionally, research tells us that the majority of couples have important concerns about their sexual relationship. Those areas are addressed during this workshop in a safe, nurturing, and informative manner..

Others highly recommend it...

Couples who have attended the workshop in the past highly recommend it. Over 95% of couples stated they would highly recommend this workshop to a friend giving the workshop an overall rating of 8, 9, or 10 on a 1-10 scale. Even 6 months after attending the workshop, 94% of couples give the workshop an excellent rating. (See comments from previous attendees below.)

It works...

Before the workshop, 63% stated they were “usually” or “always” satisfied with their sex life. After the workshop, 77% were “usually” or “always” satisfied. Up 22%.
During the 6 month follow-up, 85% of respondents believed the workshop improved their marriage and 75% believed it improved sexual intimacy in their marriage. Additionally, attendees report a significantly higher acceptance of self and spouse.

It doesn't stop after the weekend...

Recognizing that a few hours in a workshop changes very little, attendees at the workshop have the opportunity to have follow-up emails sent to them. Over the next four weeks, we send out emails that remind couples about the principles taught in the workshop and invite them into exercises that will help them make lasting change in their relationship. These follow-ups, combined with the homework assigned during the workshop, makes for lasting change in those who choose to practice what they've learned.

Comments from previous participants...

  • Thank you for providing an environment within which my wife and I could find our respective voices enabling us to communicate effectively on a topic that had been difficult prior to the workshop. The tools offered, and the grounding in solid values and spirituality made all the difference in the world. This was truly a gift to my marriage and my emotional health.
  • We learned so much and have been so encouraged by this weekend. It's really bloomed hope into our situation.
  • The wealth of information has greatly impacted our relationship and even when we know things are difficult...we now have a lens as to "why"...rather than a black void of uncertainty.
  • My favorite part was how both sides were represented equally. Both my wife and I were comfortable with the discussion and we each learned to be more understanding of each other.
  • This was a great seminar. I learned a ton about my wife and why she is who she is. This will improve my relationship with my wife and I am grateful to Dr. Mike for it.
  • Overall, a lot of healing took place. My husband and I had ups and downs throughout, but came through the workshop much better - 100% better than going into it.
  • Please keep doing what you're doing - it's the best thing there is for relationships! No one else comes close.
  • Every church should host a workshop like this. Great! Transformational information I've never heard after a lifetime in the church.
  • This workshop was very helpful. I wish I could have heard this years ago. It affirmed a lot of what I was feeling but didn't know how to say. Really liked the biblical ties in the discussion.
  • I learned that God's view on sex was nothing like what I had been taught growing up in the church. Everyone should hear this!

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